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Prostalund Demetech Dignitana Sonesta Rini Lake

Dignitana's business concept is to develop, manufacture and market a medical device primarily used for scalp cooling, to eliminate or greatly reduce chemotherapy induced hair loss.

The company focuses on the patented product DigniCap, which counteracts hair loss during chemotherapy. The product has been used by thousands of patients, and during 2009 the company launched a new generation of the system on the international market. 

The company's DigniCap system is patented in Europe, Japan and the USA. Moreover, a number of new patent applications were submitted in 2008 for further developments of the system. A new generation of the DigniCap. system was delivered to the first customers in the summer of 2009.

Телефон: +420 777 445 324

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E-mail: info@medtechnika.cz